Company history

Svenska Lindningsmaterial AB was formed 2006 by Mats Wohlferdt and Lena Gillström.

  • 2005

    An idea

    Mats, with 30 years experience of coilmanufacturing and winding material, had an idea that winding material could be runned as a stand-alone company.

  • 2006

    Registered company

    2006 was the year when Svenska Lindningsmaterial AB were registrated as a company.

  • 2006 may

    Part of the machinery moves

    …from ABB in Storvik (Bigbay) to Svenska LIndningsmaterial AB in Sandviken (Sandybay). The local workshop opens on Svarvargatan 26. At the same time Agne Hedbom with specific competence within winding material joins the company.

  • 2006 july

    Production starts

    In July the production starts. Mats has been the Manager as from 2006 and has drived the business. Lena has been responsible for administration (taxes, legal, insurances etc.) and Agne has from the start been responsible for the production.

  • 2016


    …Svenska Lindningsmaterial AB has been active for ten years. We have customers in several countries. Mats is still doing the business, Agne is responsible for production, Lena for Administration and Andreas for purchasing and the workshop.